Au Nom de la Rose

Rose florist

A unique florist who offers roses in all forms: garden roses bouquets, home fragrances, sweets. The agency was in charge of the global identity for 7 years.

Identity • Packaging • Interior Architecture • Home Design • Print

Issue Transform a brand’s niche’s identity into a group identity whilst preserving its popularity, organise the development of the brand and set up graphic and architectural identity guidelines. Between 2000 and 2007, its network expanded from 4 to 65 stores throughout the world. Artistic direction of the first e-boutique.

Proposal Transform the original logotype whilst keeping its remarkable characteristics: the leaf and its drop of water, add a touch of dynamism and craftsmanship. Design elegant, robust, and refined studio-boutiques, supervised by Jérôme Bouët, D.P.L.G. architect, Photos corporate © Pascaline Marre et © Christian Poncelet.